Natural Herpes Cure

What Lawsonia Inermis (Henna Or Mehandi) Can Do With Herpes?

Mehandi is scientifically named as Lawsonia Inermis, is a pharmacological plant which has been utilized since ancient times to bring color to hands and feet. It is the one side that everyone knows about Lawsonia Inermis but, what about the other aspects of it.  A number of people don’t know that Henna carries numerous medicinal values. Despite it is not known for its medicinal benefits but, it has been usually utilized for its therapeutic purposes. Few preliminary and recent medical studies have shown that Henna carries anti-herpetic potential which supports people treat herpes effectively. 

The Definition of Herpes

Herpes is a disease of mouth or genitals caused by two sorts of herpes pathogen called HSV1 & HSV2. It is clinically found that both types of viruses are DNA virus that hides deep into the cell's membrane. Modern studies claim that it is not possible to completely annihilate such strain from the body. Herpes illness brings certain problems to the affected body part. Once the herpes virus forms outbreak it brings numerous issues. One may suffer from intolerable fever blisters due to such issue. Cold sore & fluid-filled blisters are the general problems that typically take place as an outcome of the herpes outburst. Herpes disease often brings intolerable itching sensation & ache to the affected body parts. Sometimes, the pain caused by herpes illness next to intolerable. Herpes sufferer not just has to experience physical complications, they also suffer from mental disturbance, stress, & anxiety. They commonly feel isolated from the other human beings. This is because in most of the communities herpes is believed as a stigma. Herpes illness is highly contagious that can even spread when the patient has not any visible indications.  

Anti-herpetic Effects of Lawsonia Inermis (Mehandi)

Several studies have been observed to find out the anti-herpetic effects of Henna. Scientists have found that Lawsonia Inermis or Mehandi contains powerful antibacterial & antiviral potential that assists people to tackle such infection. A weak immune system doesn’t stop the occurrence of herpes breakouts. Hence, it’s necessary to make the immune system invincible. Mehandi can be fruitfully utilized to improve compromised immunity. It has strong anti-oxidant potential which can support scavenging the free radicals thus it improves your immune system. Mehandi performs as an entry-inhibitor against herpes microorganism that can reduce the contagiousness of herpes virus. The powerful wound curing values of Mehandi can play a major role in the management of intense complication caused by herpes virus. It contains some medicinal ability that takes participation in the curing process of Herpes lesion.

The painkilling potential of Henna can also help the human being to treat intense pain caused by herpes pathogen. In several clinical studies, Lawsonia Inermis has demonstrated powerful anti-inflammatory potential. It’s a reality that herpes brings swelling to the influenced body part. Swelling is commonly connected with ache. The anti-inflammatory ability of Henna or Mehandi may considerably decrease the acuteness of herpes disease thus also help in managing pain formed by herpes. Mehandi is also found to be advantageous for the management of itching sensation formed by herpes sickness. It has anti-itching potential that can support human to deal with the itching sensation. Lawsonia Inermis is not just followed to treat above-mentioned well-being components, though, one can use this medicinal plant to tackle a number of other skin disorders. If a patient is suffering from Leprosy, one can prefer to use Mehandi to get a better result. If you’re having the problem of Leucoderma or Vitiligo, you can utilize Henna to deal with such complaints.


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